KGV Oval – Sat, 2nd May

Glenorchy                           23.15.153
Launceston                        6.3.39

Glenorchy: D. Muir 8, T. Bowden 6, J. Bowden 4, J. Arnold, J. Geard, M. Dilger, B. Webb, S. Piuselli
Launceston: S. Stephens 2, J. Harris, T. Claridge, M. Musicka, K. McMahon

Glenorchy: R. Mott, D. Muir, B. Webb, B. Reynolds, J. Bowden, T. Bowden
Launceston: S. Rundle, B. Savage, Z. Oldenhof, J. Smith, S. Stephens, K. McMahon

Development League


KGV Oval – Sat, 2nd May

Glenorchy                       24.22.166
Launceston                    1.0.6

Glenorchy: K. Styles 6, L. Potter 4, J. Sharp 3, B. Kamaric 3, C. Blackaby 2, D. Grant 2, C. Salter, A. Grubb, A. Burgess, S. Bennetts
Launceston: N. Glanville

Glenorchy: K. Styles, B. Kamaric, D. Grant, B. Campbell, S. Bennetts, C. Mcknight
Launceston: L. Williams, A. Quill, J. Partridge, J. Barrett, J. Griffiths, Z. Rundle

Matthew Dilger reaches 100 games for the Club this week. Matt commenced his career at Brighton Junior Football Club in the under 13's, 14's and 15's sides. He moved to Glenorchy in 2009 and in his first year played 2 games in the under 19's and 2 in the reserves. He played his first Senior game that year against Burnie, and has played for Glenorchyever since. Matt says that his greatest disappointment was missing out on winning the 2009 Premiership, and his ambition is to continue playing until he has won one. He continually recognises his parents as his greatest supporters.

Youth Girls Nationals

We'd like to congratulate Shaye Jenkins on making the team for the youth girls nationals. Shaye was originally named as emergency but got told last night that she'd made the team. Her and Zabreena Manjerovic will head to WA this weekend to play in the nationals comp next week as part of the Thunder Devils, a combined Tas and NT team.

We'd like to wish them both luck


All Stars game to be played in Evandale at 12:15pm on Saturday 16th May

In more good news, we'd like to congratulate the following players for being selected to play in the All Stars game to be played in Evandale at 12:15pm on Saturday 16th May:

Gemma Allan
Mandy Bester
Thomasa Corrie
Sarah Davis
Sandy Eaton
Alanah Kelly
Nietta Lynch
Zabreena Manjerovic
Kaitlin Rattenbury
Gennaveve Sullivan
Allana Smith (Emergency)

The number of players selected is definitely a testament to the talent and depth of our side this year. Well done ladies!

Also congratulation to our coaches Jamie and Craig Grace and Angela Burdon and our team manager Lena Dadson. Jamie will be coaching one of the All Stars teams with the assistance of Craig and Angela (Beefy). Lena will be the match manager for the day.

This is just a little bit of recognition of how lucky we are to have such excellent coaching staff and team support.


Great to have 4 sets of brothers all playing seniors last Saturday in our win against Lauderdale.



Back Row: Brayden Webb, Daniel Joseph. Jordon Arnold, Tyler Bowden
Front Row: James Webb, Matthew Joseph. Josh Arnold, Jaye Bowden



KGV Oval – Sat, 25th April 2015

Glenorchy                            15.9.99
Lauderdale                          9.11.65

Glenorchy: T. Bowden 4, J. Bowden 3, B. Webb 2, H. Pearce 2, J. Arnold 2, L. Smith, M. Joseph
Lauderdale: B. Halton 2, D. Fyfe 2, R. Wiggins 2, A. Hill, N. Dodge, P. Bellchambers

Glenorchy: R. Mott, J. Hayden, J. Arnold, S. Hall, H. Pearce, T. Bowden
Lauderdale: J. Siggins, N. Dodge, D. Fyfe, P. Bellchambers



KGV Oval – Sat, 25th April 2015

Glenorchy                               18.11.119
Lauderdale                              5.8.38

Glenorchy: L. Potter 10, L. Webb 2, M. Dilger 2, J. Geard, A. Grubb, C. Blackaby, A. Burgess
Lauderdale: C. Hooker 2, T. Havea, A. Woodhead, J. DiIenno

Glenorchy: L. Potter, J. Geard, M. Dilger, L. Webb, C. Mcknight, S. Stewart
Lauderdale: A. Morton, R. Sweet, T. Havea, T. Daff, D. Johns


Chris McKnight reached 50 games when he played in the Development League side's win on ANZAC Day. Chris started in Glenorchy's Auskick program in 2001 at age 5 and has been at the Club ever since playing with the under 8's through to under 18's. Chris has since played in the Development League for 3 years. His ambition is to play Senior football at the Club and win a Premiership. Chris says that his mum and dad have been the greatest influence on his life.



Kingborough Twin Ovals – Sat, 18th April

Glenorchy                    10.16.76
Tigers                             4.1.25

Glenorchy: J. Bowden 3, S. Piuselli 2, B. Reynolds, B. Webb, H. Pearce, D. Muir, S. Hall
Tigers: B. Conway, K. Lovell, M. Davies, A. Golding

Glenorchy: T. Duggan, M. Badcock, S. Hall, C. Duffy, H. Pearce
Tigers: K. Lovell, D. Golding, S. Rice, M. Willis, R. Fielding, J. Bilson

Development League


Kingborough Twin Ovals – Sat, 18th April

Glenorchy                             22.17.149
Tigers                                     7.3.45

Glenorchy: T. Bowden 6, J. Geard 3, J. Crossin 3, A. Grubb 2, D. Clark, M. Dilger, L. Potter, S. Stewart, M. Joseph, S. Hughes, J. Webb, B. Kamaric
Tigers: A. Vincent 2, J. Gates 2, C. Sawdy, A. Webster, L. Clifford

Glenorchy: S. Stewart, D. Grant, D. Clark, B. Quinn, T. Bowden, B. Campbell
Tigers: C. Sawdy, J. Gates, O. Farid, A. Webster, K. Wisniewski, A. Vincent

Statewide football returned to the tight confines of Queenborough Oval last Saturday when our Glenorchy boys took on a determined Hobart City outfit in a classic arm-wrestle.  

Always looking for that extra edge, "AC" took the opportunity to recreate the dimensions of Sandy Bay's former home ground by using witches hats at training last Thursday, and it may well have been the difference in securing the 4 points.  

The game opened at a fast pace, and although the 'Pies had much of the play in the first quarter, nothing separated the 2 teams at the first break, but it was the second quarter effort that had the coach fired up at half-time.  Hobart City led by as much as 25 points during the second term, and if it wasn't for a couple of late goals, the margin could have well been more than the 14 points the scoreboard showed at the main break.

After a deserved "spray" from AC that had the paint peeling from the change room walls, our boys came out in the 3rd quarter and showed exactly what playing for the Black and White is all about.  With Mitch Rainbird dominating, Glenorchy piled on 7 goals in 10 minutes in a relentless, skilful display of persistent running football.  Rhys Mott was the link man during the term, setting up countless opportunities, and big-man Cameron Duffy gave our on-ballers first use, time and time again.  A 14-point half-time deficit was turned into a 9 point 3/4 time lead, and with more tackles in the quarter for the entire match,

AC urged the boys to keep up the pressure into the final quarter.  A see-sawing dramatic 4th quarter had Hobart City regain the lead, but 2 late goals from Jaye Bowden steadied the Magpie Ship, and the final siren gave the boys a dramatic 15-point win.  Although slightly disappointed with the first half, "AC" was ecstatic with the effort shown when we had our backs to the wall.  

In the earlier game, our Development League team continued their fantastic start to the season with an 82 point win.  Aaron Grubb was on fire with 7 goals, and Shaun Stewart was brilliant with a best on ground performance.  

Make sure you make the trip down to the Twin Ovals this Saturday as our boys take on an improving Kingborough Tigers at 2pm!  Go Pies!

Congratulations to Glenorchy players Sam Berry u15's and Theo Hart u12's in being selected to represent the STJFL in their respective age groups in the South v North games.

Also to Zabreena Manjerovic for being selected to the State Under 18 Women's Team and Shaye Jenkins for being selected as emergency.



Queenborough; Sat, 11th April

Glenorchy                        14.13.97
Hobart City                      12.10.82

Glenorchy: J. Bowden 4, D. Muir 2, M. Rainbird 2, R. Mott, L. Webb, L. Smith, J. Crossin, S. Piuselli, H. Pearce
Hobart City: J. Dobosz 5, C. Dell 2, K. Richter, B. Joseph, J. Stride, M. Doran, R. Matthews

Glenorchy: M. Rainbird, R. Mott, B. Webb, D. Joseph, J. Arnold
Hobart City: J. Dobosz, C. Jeffery, R. Sullivan, R. Matthews, C. Dell, J. Strid

Development League


Queenborough; Sat, 11th April

Glenorchy                      20.7.127
Hobart City                    6.9.45

Glenorchy: A. Grubb 7, M. Joseph 4, S. Bennetts 3, C. Brown, C. Blackaby, J. Geard, S. Plummer, J. Sharp, K. Styles
Hobart City: J. Williamson 2, H. Thompson 2, B. Grant, C. Kilpatrick

Glenorchy: S. Stewart, M. Joseph, D. Grant, A. Grubb, B. Kamaric, C. Brown
Hobart City: H. Thompson, B. Grant, J. Williamson, W. Cole, K. Williams, A. Stephens 




King George V Oval – Saturday 4th April

Glenorchy 17.17.119
Clarence 8.4.52

Glenorchy: D.Muir 3, L.Webb 3, M.Horne 2, M.Rainbird 2, B.Reynolds 2, R.Mott, D.Joseph, T.Bowden, J.Crossin, J.Bowden
Clarence: J.Fox 4, T.Standen 2, L.Adams, M.Blckburn

Glenorchy: L.Webb, B.Webb, T.Butterworth, J.Arnold, D.Muir, R.Mott
Clarence: J.Webberley, G.Chambers, J.Fox, K.Palmer-Hughes


Development League

Glenorchy v Clarence

KGV Oval – Saturday 4th April

Glenorchy              17.20.122
Clarence                 6.6.42

Glenorchy: S.Bennetts 4, D.Grant 2, H.Pearce 2, A.Grubb 2, J.Geard 2, M.Joseph 2, J.Sharp 2, L.Smith
Clarence: A.Grace 3, J.Holmes, A.Jones, J.Young

Glenorchy: B.Kamaric, S.Hall, B.Quinn, J.Geard, M.Rainbird, S.Bennetts
Clarence: J.Harper, H.Taylor, A.Silver, K.Wylie, B.Fazackerley, A.Grace


The club's first practice match took place last weekend, the boys took on Clarence at Abbotsfield Park, I'm very pleased to report that the outcome was fantastic. One of the main focus points for the Coaching staff was processes and structures, some very positive signs came out of the game. It was also a great opportunity for us to assess the game styles of the club's new recruits. Mark Horne was great on a wing and fits well into team structure. Although Cameron Duffy was kept out of the ruck, he played forward and hit up at the ball well. Evan Magnus played forward, back and in the ruck, Evan's body work was great and he covered the ground well. Great early signs from our two recruits from the Top End!

After a big pre-season ran by Sam Yee, the boys have not realised their full potential in games, so going into the 5th period players still had plenty left in the tank. Therefore, there was a lot that came out of the game. We still have a few things to work on in the next two weeks. Vision was taken of the game with great results on Monday night from vision review, and I am personally looking forward to the build-up of round one over the next two weeks and the conclusion of our pre-season.

Aaron Cornelius
GDFC Senior Coach

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Congratulations to Jordan Hayden who has be selected as Tasmanians under 18 captain for the 2015 season. 
Good luck to pill and the 10 Glenorchy boys in the state program.

Hayden Jordan

We were clear winners in our practice match against the East Coast Suns on the weekend. It was great for our new players to get a taste of the game, showing some fantastic potential and for our returning players got some run into the legs. There were exciting signs all round for a big season ahead!!! ‪#‎hotpies2015‬


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