Ty Turner Brandon Oates
Pic: Ty Turner and Brandon Oates

Ty Turner doesn't yet have a nickname at KGV, but few would argue if you labeled him the 'Brighton Bull'. 

A star of Glenorchy's last junior premiership and a standout from the first year of the Ben Brown Academy, Turner has made a positive impression at Magpie land with his physical approach as he's transitioned to the senior list for 2020. 

"He's a big boy," development league coach Keegan Bailey said of the youngster who will turn 16 during the season.

"He's got that potential to be a genuine utility who can play anywhere. Imagine him on the wing or pinch-hitting in the midfield, as well as being a marking target up forward or a key defender. 

"He's got good hands and he's strong overhead. In the practice game against Tigers at Twin Ovals he clunked a couple of good pack marks, he reads the ball well."

But it's not just his physical attributes that are making people take notice.

"He listens really well, a lot of our young guys are good in that way," Bailey said.

"The senior blokes talk to guys like Ty and Boatsy (Brandon Oates) and they just listen, take it in and try and do it on the track."

We caught up with Ty to find out a little bit more about one of the newest members of the black and white brigade.

Ty Turner
Height: 186cm
Weight: 87kg 

Ty, congrats on making the senior list, that's a really good effort. Let's go back to where it all began, what’s your first football memory?

TT: My first footy memory would be I was born on grand final day, in 2004. I was born at 10-to-2, just before the bounce!

Wow, I guess you were always going to be footy mad! What about your first playing memory?
TT: It would be running around, kicking the frost off at Pontville when I was five or six. I became an Essendon supporter, dad goes for Essendon so I just tagged along with him.

Who was your favourite player back then?
TT:It was Dustin Fletcher, I always liked him. Back then I just liked that he could kick it really far!

Ty Fletch

You’ve played some really good games as a key defender like Fletch, is that your favourite position?
TT:Nah it’s probably on ball, it just gives you that opportunity to make a really big impression on the game. You can change everything from where you are, you’re where the ball is, so you can push forward or drop back to help out depending on what the score is.

OK so where did you first start playing?
TT:I played until U12s at Brighton, from Auskick to U12s, then at Glenorchy from U13s to U16s. We couldn’t get enough players out at Brighton, so I came to Glenorchy juniors because I liked being the underdog side, rather than going to Clarence or North Hobart where they’re expected to kick everyone’s arse.

Going to Glenorchy you know it’s a tough, hard side that will always put up a fight. Plus when I came to Glenorchy I had two training runs and I got vice-captain! 

That's a good effort! You also got a pretty good reward by playing in the U14 premiership. Who is the best player you played with through those years?
TT: Probably Boatsy I reckon. We just get along real well and we know each other’s game, if I get the ball he knows what I do with it and when he gets the ball I know what’s he’s going to do, so we just set up really well together and have link up.

Nice. What about the best opponent you played against in juniors?
TT: Cal Thompson. He’s just always hard at the ball. If me and him are running at the ball you know you’re going to have to put in your best to beat him to it.

It must be quite cool to suddenly be on the Glenorchy senior list with guys like Cal and Boatsy?
TT: I love it. You’re just getting an opportunity while you’re young, you’re putting your name out there, and you’re getting to do it with your mates.

You played with those guys and a number of other mates in the Ben Brown Academy, what was that like?
TT: That was good. I hadn’t really been in any academies before that, so you come in and it’s the next level from your junior stuff, the skill level’s higher, if you run for a lead you know they're going to kick it to you, it’s that step up in your game.

BBA PK Ty Turner

And you stepped up your own game, it must have been something to get voted best on ground in the Academy game against North Launceston at UTAS Stadium?

TT: Definitely. It gave a fair bit of belief, knowing you can play with some pretty good blokes and put your best game out.

You’ve also been in the Devils U16 squad, what has that training been like?
TT: Hard. But it wasn’t as hard as last year, they didn’t flog us as much as they did. It was good, we did more skill work and got our skills up, they didn’t just make us run, run, run. I think they realised the year before by the time we got to footy we’d been burned out, so they’ve made it a lot more enjoyable.

And what about training with the Glenorchy seniors?
TT: It’s been good, the next level up again with all the skills, and all the boys getting around you and including you. They don’t look at you and think he’s a young bloke I'm not going to kick it to him, they really include you.

Which of those senior guys stood out for you in pre-season?
TT: Gracey. Just because he’s loud. If something’s not right he doesn’t just act like nothing’s happened, he gets on to everybody making sure we go about it like we should be. All the senior boys are the same, they don’t just sit back and let someone else do it, they get it done themselves.

Good stuff. Lastly, what are your hopes for this season when it gets underway in four weeks?
TT: Just playing in the dev league and improve my game as much as I possibly can, and then hopefully get a game in the seniors. 

Thanks for your time Ty, good luck! 

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