Zach Evans Fenton
One of the young standouts from the pre-season was Zac Evans-Fenton, who after a slow start showed huge improvement to play in the senior practice game against the Tigers, where he acquitted himself well.

Let’s get to know a little but more about this U18 graduate, who is one of our club’s new senior-listed players for 2020:

Zac Evans-Fenton
Key defender/utility

Where are you from Zaccy?

ZEF: I grew up in Gagebrook when I was young, then we moved to Bridgewater and I haven’t really moved out of there since.

And where’d you play your footy when you were young?
ZEF: I first started playing when I was about seven. I played my junior footy with Claremont, I played with them for about five years, then a year at Brighton and Central Hawks, and I played U18s at Glenorchy. 

Who were the best juniors you played with and against? 
ZEF: Blowy (Nathan Blowfield) would definitely be one of the best I've played with, he’s pretty good, and a guy from Southern Storm, Bailey Gordon, he’s one of the best I played against.

What brought you to Glenorchy?
ZEF: Coetzee (former U18s coach Sam Coetzee). He worked at my school and I was pretty close with him. I didn’t have to think for very long when I found out he was coaching Glenorchy.

You had two years in our U18 team, and were one of the most consistent players who helped really turn the team around, what’s your best Glenorchy memory?
ZEF: Winning is always good. That first win we had (in 2018), against Launy at Glenorchy was pretty special. They were good, and I’m pretty sure that was the only time we beat them in the two years.

So, tell us about your first pre-season with the senior boys over the summer?
ZEF: It was pretty hectic, I’d never done a pre-season like that before. I’d done U18 ones with Coetzee, but it was nothing like this, it really pushes you to your limits.

Tell us why they call you Chuck!
ZEF: Because I spewed at pre-season a couple of times, I was a bit unfit when I started (laughs). Coppy got me a good one though, because I was the only that saw him spew that day but everyone saw me spew!

Which of the boys really stood out for you over the pre-season?
ZEF: Probably Gracey, just his dedication to being the best, he goes to the next level with everything, and probably Pidge (Brayden Webb) too, I don’t know what it’s like having an injury when you can’t play footy for so long, but he still rocked up every day.

So, what’s your goal for this season when it gets started?
ZEF: Play senior footy, that’s the main one. 

I like it, thanks for your time Zaccy.

Now, let’s find out what Josh Arnold has to say about this promising young defender:

Jez, what were your impressions of Zac over pre-season?
JA: He started off pretty slow, he was a bit lackadaisical, but once he realised he was involved in the group and welcome in the group, he knuckled down and become one of the most consistent and I think one of the most improved amongst the young guys.

What do you like about about Zac’s game?
JA: The x-factor about him, he can play anywhere, and his skills for a tall bloke, and how much he hates getting beat. I love that. He loves towelling up the old blokes and lets you know about it too. I’ve copped a couple off him, just little one-liners, just to keep you on your toes.

Let’s hope we get to see Zaccy on the field soon!

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